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Steam Cleaning does use much less water than a traditional car wash but it is designed for professionals and it is expensive. The systems are usually bulky and require power to run which will add to the cost of the wash and also be less eco-friendly. I can see how a detail shop might benefit from a steam cleaning system but it won’t work for the average person so I felt I needed to look further.

When I was looking for a water-saving alternative to our normal car wash system I had some criteria that had to be met:

It must save a substantial amount of water.
It must be as good if not better than the system we were using.
It must have a low impact on the environment.
It should be something that anyone can do.
If it could save time and money, that would be a bonus.


Steam Cleaning uses a concentrate that is mostly bio-degradable and it is mixed with less than a half-gallon of water to wash an entire car. A pressure washer typically uses between 5 and 10 gallons of water per car wash. I tested this system extensively and had such good results that I started incorporating it into my business. The cars are now looking better than ever and it’s saving us time too. Car washes that used to take 45 minutes to complete are now being done in less than a half hour. There is no water runoff so it is compliant with all city and state regulations for our storm drains. The excess water can be used to water your outdoor plants without harming them in the least. It’s also less expensive since it is a concentrate and requires no energy to run.

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