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Starting at $350.00


Paint correction is a term used by professional auto detailers to describe a paint restoration process that removes light scratches, etching, holograms, swirls, and oxidation; then polishing the paint to a high luster. Done correctly paint imperfections are removed not just temporarily filled or hidden. This is a multi-step process that involves machine polishing with a variety of compounds and polishes that will produce a high gloss super reflective finish. We also use a paint thickness meter on every panel when we perform a paint correction.

Our Paint Correction process will remove 70-95% of correctable defects and we have different levels of service depending on the condition of your paint, your expectations, and your budget.


Your car is delicately hand washed and dried with soft microfiber towels. Your paint is decontaminated with our clay bar treatment. With our highest level of paint correction, your paint is polished panel by panel with multiple steps to remove swirls, light scratches, and as many defects as is safely possible.

  • Door jambs are cleaned
  • Wheel faces are cleaned
  • Tires are washed and dressed
  • Exhaust tips are cleaned and polished
  • Acrylic Teflon Paint sealant is applied
  • Light vacuum of your interior
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